Real Hardwood vs Manufactured Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is superior to engineered flooring in almost every aspect. Besides durability solid hardwood is always in balance unlike engineered flooring which is constantly trying to find a balance due to the hardwood top sheet and the laminated plywood core underneath. With so many of today’s engineered products having a custom finish or color this is also a problem, after an engineered floor is installed and down for a period of time the manufacture of that floor could go out of business or change the dye lot of coloring which makes it impossible to match in the future. Another big problem with an engineered product in a state such as Colorado is that the national hardwood flooring association would like to see the subfloor within three points of the material, this is an impossibility with engineered flooring in the state of Colorado which means every piece of engineered flooring installed here is void of warranty the minute it is put down. Solid hardwood will outperform engineered hardwood as long as it is installed correctly acclimated properly sanded and finished the correct way as well. Face checking in do you lamination are some of the common problems associated with engineered flooring dry cupping is also a very large issue, all of these issues stem from the glue that they use to build the product being stronger than the actual topsheet itself. 

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